What We Do

At Due Diligence Group, we focus on obtaining and analyzing public records to keep our clients in the know. Examples of how we use public records and public record laws to assist our clients include:

  • Competitive Intelligence: Monitoring competitors' plans by discretely obtaining copies of communications with government agencies.

  • Opposition Research & Self-Research: Reviewing public records to identify vulnerabilities of our clients or their competitors.

  • Market Analysis & Strategic Planning: Understanding who the players are in a specific industry, sources of funding, and their competitive advantage.

  • Human Resources & Marketing: Ensuring there is nothing embarrassing in an individual or company's background that would disqualify them for employment or undermine a marketing campaign.

Management of Public Record Requests

We help our clients by discretely submitting and managing FOIA and open record requests for our clients. By masking requests, clients get the records they need with the peace of mind that their request won't be linked back to them and they won't become the story.

In-Field Records Retrieval

Sometimes the only way to access the information our clients need in the time required is to go directly to the source. From the latest filing in a court case to old property documents on microfiche - and everything in between - we go the extra mile to get the data our clients need. 

Records Analysis & Strategic Support

Sometimes our clients know exactly what they need and only require support in obtaining the records, but sometimes they need more. If that's the case, we're here to help. We can provide our clients with full analysis of public records, as well as assist in identifying the most appropriate strategy for using FOIA and open record laws to achieve their desired results.

Training & Professional Development Support

In certain cases, the best solution is for clients and/or their staffs to receive the training necessary to carry out their own research. At Due Diligence Group, we truly believe in the importance and value of public records and are happy to share our knowledge with others.

Practice Areas
  • Political Campaigns & Advocacy

  • Attorneys

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing & Communications​

  • Real Estate

  • Strategic Planning

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