Due Diligence Group is solely focused on one goal: helping our clients get the answers they need to stay informed and make the best strategic decisions.

With 25 years combined experience in public records research, we have worked on hundreds of research projects and managed thousands of record requests. This experience means we know the ins-and-outs of public records.

Sean Luedke

Sean's initiation to public records research came in January 2006, when he agreed to fly to Pennsylvania and visit various courthouses and government buildings in search of records pertaining to a United States Senate race. That trip resulted in a full-time job as a due diligence researcher with VR Research, where he went on to manage the public records research for hundreds of projects.

Sean left VR Research in 2011 in order to earn his M.B.A. from Marquette University, but continued to work as a consultant on public record research projects for for-profit businesses, political candidates, and super PACs.

With the fast pace at which our society is changing - both in politics and business - he believes more than ever in the value of public records.

Abraham Payton

Abraham found his passion for transparency and ethics issues upon meeting Sean at VR Research in 2009. Under Sean’s tutelage, Abraham was trained to be an adept due diligence researcher through various projects on behalf of political and commercial clientele over the next two years.

Abraham joined a democratic SuperPAC in 2011, serving as Due Diligence Director. He produced over 100 opposition research books and managed over 4,000 public record requests.

He also has experience as an investigative consultant for risk management, having supplied over 30 research reports to domestic and international financial-sector clients (i.e. hedge funds, private equity firms) to support executive-hiring decisions and mergers & acquisitions.

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